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If you’re interested in the calligraphy guild in Minnesota, check it out. I’m proud to have been both its Membership Director (2013-2016) and President (2016-2019).

If you want to read something I’ve written there, here is my workshop review of Typefaces You Can Eat with Pen or Brush – Workshop with Carl Rohrs — The Colleagues of Calligraphy.

If you want to learn a little about me there, check out A Week…and then an afternoon…With Sheila Waters & Julian Waters — The Colleagues of Calligraphy. It is a lovely review of my program presentation about the great experience Sally Wightkin and I had in a master class with Sheila Waters and Julian Waters.

Calligraphy Scholarship Provides Learning and Inspiration is a review of my presentation about my experience as a Jo White scholarship recipient.

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